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Vendor – Terms & Conditions

General Seller Requirements

  1. As a vendor at D’Open Kitchen Marketplace you have agreed with all Terms & Conditions written here.
  2. All vendors will bear any consequences relating to food hygiene and standards. D’Open Kitchen Marketplace is designed as a platform to bring customers to vendors and will not be liable for any issues relating to products provided by individual vendors.
  3.  All vendors will be responsible for answering any queries relating to their products through the various means provided on the D’Open Kitchen Marketplace platform.
  4. Guidelines for product listings will be provided in the knowledge base module of the platform. Vendors agree to follow and abide by these guidelines. 


  1. As the delivery module is still under development all vendors will be responsible for ensure the prompt delivery of their products in accordance with their individual store policies.
Commission Charges
  1. Vendors are charged a commission of 20% based on their total sales transacted. The commission is effective from the day the store is approved and tagged as a D’Open Kitchen Marketplace Store.

Possible Consequences

  1. Any breach of D’Open Kitchen Marketplace’s Terms & Conditions may result in a removal of seller’s eligibility. D’Open Kitchen reserves all rights to the eligibility of all vendors.
  1. D’Open Kitchen reserves the right to amend and expand the policies set out above as and when necessary, so as to ensure the best shopping experience for customers.